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Please read the whole of these standard terms of use of our Website carefully, because you are only permitted to make use of the content of this Website if you agree to them and, by using any content of this Website, you are deemed to agree to them. These standard terms of use are uniformly applicable throughout our Website; and in the event of any ambiguity with other terms and conditions found on our Website these standard terms of use shall always govern.
In these Terms of Use:
  1. “Marks” means the trademarks or service marks, logos or brands for the time being and from time to time properly used or adopted by and belonging to us or a third party. The term “trademarks” shall where the context admits be deemed to include all logos and service marks.
  2. “Materials” means, to the extent it is protected copyright work, and is not expressly marked as “Third Party Property”, all or any part of any text, image, audio, video or any other type of media in any format contained and comprised in the Website. “Materials” do not include “Marks”.
  3. “Third Party Property” means all or any part of any Marks, text, image, audio, video or any other type of media in any format contained and comprised in the Website and expressly marked as the copyright property of a third party.”
  4. “We” “our” “us” means The Trustees of V-art Gallery or as the context requires the British Museum Company Limited, the British Museum Friends or V-art Gallery Great Court Limited;
  5. “Website” means our website at and any sub-domains;
Nothing contained in the Website shall be construed as granting any licence or right to use our Marks or those comprised in any Third Party Property displayed on our Website without our prior written permission or that of any third party owner. Your misuse of the Marks on our Website is strictly prohibited.
  1. We have taken every effort and care in preparing Materials, however we disclaim all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy thereof, and Materials shall at all times constitute work in progress which we may change without notice. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your use of or reliance on Materials.
  2. Links within our Website may lead to other websites. They are provided for convenience only. We do not sponsor, nor necessarily endorse or otherwise approve of any information or statements appearing in those websites (or websites referred to or linked to those websites).
  3. Every reasonable effort has been made to seek appropriate permission from people identifiable in photographs used throughout the site.
Protecting your personal data
  1. The personal data you provide to us will be handled in accordance with V-art Gallery privacy policy, a copy of which is available on the Gallery’s website.
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